Rooting for Enormous Ears

See dramatic growth and vigor and decreased threat of pests, disease and weather extremes. Microbials can lend a hand at every step of production — robust seed germination, dynamic root development, hearty seedling growth, increased ear/kernel size and starch content, and swift stubble decomposition.

Promote plant health.

Increased root mass and fine feeder roots results in improved water and nutrient uptake, providing more nitrogen and protein content for improved feed value.

Increase profitability.

Improved yield, increased starch, decreased dry-down time — Asido products offer a substantial return on investment.

Easy to use.

Simply mix with current treatment in sprayer tank.

Easy to use.

Simply mix with current treatment in sprayer tank.

Soil application.

  • In clay or high organic matter soil, apply 12.8 ounces per acre.
  • In sandy soil, apply 1 quart per acre.
  • Apply in furrow with seed at planting, if possible.

Foliar application.

  • Use 12.8 ounces per quart per acre.
  • Use between 4-6 leaf or V7 and silking/tasseling.

Post-harvest application.

  • One gallon of WasteAway per acre can help with crop residue cleanup.

What corn growers are saying.

“I’m excited about what I’m seeing with the consistency of the product. In the two years since we have been using NTEXX EDGE on 24 row strip trials, we have seen an average increase of 10 bushels of corn.”

Macon LaFoe Sr., Row Crop Farmer, Oak Ridge, LA

Trial results for corn.

With more than 20 years dedicated to naturally improving soil, animal and environmental health, we pride ourselves on scientific and real-world trials that prove that our biological solutions yield superior results.

There’s a clearly visible difference when you apply Asido products to your corn crop.

Alabama corn trial.

Trial shows $25 per acre return on investment.
At V6, corn plants were more than 1.5 inches taller when treated with Asido products. That offers a return on investment of $25 per acre.

Plant Height

Mississippi corn trial 2023.

Using Asido products increased corn yield more than 6.5 percent, from 157.6 to 167.9 bushels per acre.

Midwest corn.

NTEXX treatment resulted in nine additional bushels of corn per acre, a 4.7% increase in yield over the control.

Multistate midwest corn.

Across several Midwestern states, the average corn yield increased by 4.6% when treated with NTEXX.

The value of starch.

  • Four years of data
  • Improved starch by 3 points (average)
  • $3.75 corn adds $2.14/ton, harvested
  • Adds $39.92 net dollars to bottom line, not counting added tonnage.

NIACC corn with NTEXX Soil Inoculant with Humus and calcium, trial 2009.

Standard Fertility140.0 bu/ac.19.0%
3rd corn-corn NTEXX + CC153.4 bu/ac.20.3%
Corn-bean NTEXX194.5 bu/ac.22.8%
NTEXX + Coral Calcium206.9 bu/ac.20.7%
No spray for aphids.

Colorado corn.

Irrigation research from northeastern Colorado finds that Asido products increased yield by 8 percent one year and 5.6 percent the next year.

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