Healthy cotton field ready for harvest.


Bigger Bolls with Loads of Lint

See dramatic growth and vigor and decreased threat of pests, disease and weather extremes. Microbials can lend a hand at every step of production — robust seed germination, dynamic root development, hearty seedling growth, increased boll yield and swift stubble decomposition.

Promote plant health.

Asido products re-introduce all-natural, non-GMO, spore-forming microbes to stimulate the soil. Each microbial concentration is carefully selected for hardiness, ease of deployment and ability to address specific needs.

Increase profitability.

Decades of testing prove that Asido products successfully jump-start microbial activity, increasing nutrient uptake, root mass and water infiltration. Increased yield means these benefits pay for themselves.

Easy to use.

Mix with fertilizers (including starters and side dresses) and herbicides

  • Broad pH range of use.
  • Two-year shelf life.

What cotton growers are saying.

Geoff Toledo accepting his awards from Stoneville Legacy Club.

NTEXX Edge is an amazing product. At two quarts an acre pre-plant on cotton, we have seen a significant increase across the board in fiber quality and yield!”

Geoff Toledo, Tri T Farms, Visalia, CA

Winner 2022 Highest Irrigated Yield, West, and 2022 Top Irrigated Yield in the state from Stoneville Legacy Club (second in the nation among 179 applicants).

“We were one of the first to use the NTEXX product and for more than a decade it has been at the top of our list for helping us maintain and increase our cotton crop yields.”

Craig Kitten, Kitten Land Co., Slaton, TX

Trial results for cotton.

With more than 20 years dedicated to naturally improving soil, animal and environmental health, we pride ourselves on scientific and real-world trials that prove that our biological solutions yield superior results.

Increase in cotton production.

Trials show a 22% increase in cotton production using our products.
308 pounds of lint more per acre over two years in Castro County, Texas.

Waste Away®
Year One12921543+251
Year Two14661830+364
Two Year
Average Yield
(lbs. lint/ac.)

Evaluation of liquid plant biostimulants for activity in retarding verticillium infection and subsequent yield and quality loss in cotton.

Treatment: Waste Away® 32oz/ac. at planting. NTEXX SI® 32oz/ac. broadcast PHS.
Replications: Two year replicated trials. Eight applications across three fields.

Southeast states cotton.

North Carolina, Georgia and Mississippi university trials in 2023 brought positive results for increased lint with the addition of NTEXX products.

University trials total lint.

Mississippi State cotton.

1 Quart14.75b2537b40.081017b
2 Quart17.45a3002a40.551216a
Seed Cotton
1 Quart$380.55$966.15
2 Quart$450.30$1155.20
Total Gross/ACTotal ROI/AC
1 Quart$1346.70$1336.70
2 Quart$1605.20$1585.50

Texas cotton.

Net increase profit per acre.

Average price per pound.

West Texas cotton pounds per acre.

Gin cost.

Related research.

Take a deeper dive into how cotton thrives with the addition of microbial products in this Science Direct web article, part of a special issue, “Strategies for Crop Improvement Under Biotic and Abiotic Stresses.” The article provides links to many research studies.

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