NTEXX® EDGE is a symbiotic family of selective microbial species that function as a soil inoculant intended to introduce microbes in the soil and increase the active biomass. This also results in improved germination and plant vigor while enhancing nutrient cycling throughout the growing season.

The NTEXX® product line consists of liquid soil enhancers designed to inoculate the soil with microorganisms necessary for fostering healthy soil and producing vibrant plants and crops. Benefits include:

  • enhanced soil health
  • better water infiltration
  • more nutrient availability and uptake
  • optimum root development
  • increased plant/crop yields

What growers say about NTEXX.

“The product is very easy to use. No refrigeration and it mixes well with most chemicals and fertilizers, in liquid or dry forms.” 

Macon LaFoe, Sr., Row Crop Farmer, Oak Ridge, LA

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