Environmental Waste

Turning Problems into Profits

Waste Away® contains powerful, naturally cultivated bacteria selected for their ability to aggressively decompose a wide variety of organic wastes. Use Waste Away® in dairy, poultry and hog operations to help control waste, reduce run-off and attenuate harmful odors in barns, houses and lagoons. In row crop settings, use it to facilitate efficient breakdown of crop residue. Waste Away® is also well suited for oil field remediation.

Consuming carbon sources.

Waste Away®’s high concentrations of carbon-digesting microbes continually consume the solids that can become sludge and surface crust.

  • Solubility of manures, starches and proteins is increased.
  • Organic accumulations are better liquefied. 
  • Significantly lower agitation required for liquids at pump-out.
  • Reduced crusting sharply diminishes flies and other pests.
  • Accelerates decomposition process when used in composting operations.

Capturing off-gassing.

Hydrogen sulfide, ammonia and other gases otherwise lost to the atmosphere can be retained in the manure.

  • Capturing gases results in a higher fertilizer value.
  • Lower gas emissions: less foaming and odor, improved air quality.
  • Converts an anaerobic condition into an aerobic condition. 
  • Creates odorless by-products: O2, CO2 and H2O
  • Decreases smell of ammonia and hydrogen sulfate discharge.
  • Controls odor in lagoons and other situations  

Ease of use.

Waste Away®’s concentrated liquid formulation allows for ease of application. It may be tank mixed to apply on manures, compost and other organic wastes, allowing for flexibility on the farm.

  • Waste Lagoons: Initial treatment: 1x monthly maintain treatment, or prescription on Day One followed by recommended monthly maintenance treatment (minimum 1 g per surface acre per day).
  • Compost/Manure: 2-4 quarts per acre, or 16 ounces per ton, if wind-rowed.
  • Poultry Houses: 2.5 gallons to 5 gallons per 10,000 square feet.
  • Swine Facilities: Initial treatment: 1x monthly maintain treatment, or prescription on Day One followed by recommended monthly maintenance treatment (1-2 gallons per 1,000 head per month).

Environmental waste solutions.

Asido’s proven biologicals aggressively decompose a wide variety of farm and field waste byproducts and help clean up environmental waste problems.

  • Field Waste
  • Hog Lagoons
  • Feedlots
  • Oil Spills

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