Top Gut

Top Gut™ is a uniquely formulated microbial solution tailored to optimize gut health and boost feed efficiency in cattle, swine and other livestock types.

Top Gut™ benefits.

  • Increased nutrient digestion
  • Improved average daily gain
  • Enhanced positive gut microflora and more

What breeders say about Top Gut™.

“I have been recommending Top Gut™ to all my feeders since its inception. I love how it keeps our pigs on feed and on target at all times. It’s my go-to for gut health and performance.”

Cameron Knight, Knight Showpigs

It takes Top Gut™ to be a champion.

Congratulations to Cyndal Verstuyft on exhibiting the Reserve Supreme Overall Gilt/Champion Duroc at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo!

Thank you to Troy Cole and Team for putting faith in our product!

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Trial results.

Top Gut is a new product with impressive visual evaluation results. Product trials are currently in progress at Texas Tech University.

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